Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH

Up to 1993, the headquarters of Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH, Morbach, were located in Radevormwald, about 20 km away from Wuppertal in the Bergisches Land. The company at Radevormwald was formed in 1928 and produced thermo- and duroplastic materials. In 1945 they began to manufacture brake linings and clutch facings. In 1964 the Esso Corporation bought the company. The production of thermo- and duroplastic materials was outsourced. Under the company name Breku Reibbelag GmbH they produced and sold friction products for the European vehicle industry at the headquarters in Radevormwald. In 1969 Breku Reibbelag GmbH was incorporated into the American company, Schaeffler Friction Products, which has been manufacturer of friction materials since 1902. With the takeover of the production plant of FERODO BERAL in 1992, the relocation of the company Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH to Morbach in the Hunsrück was logical. The relocation was completed in 1994.

In order to respond to the globalization of the vehicle industry, Schaeffler Friction Products founded in 1997 a 100 % affiliated company in China, the Schaeffler Friction Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., to cover the Asian markets, thus leading to an even stronger position in the competitiveness of the European company.

Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH

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