The long established Research and Development department of Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH forms the basis for the success of the company.

The wide experience of our Research and Development department enables a useful combination of different chemical raw materials to create an optimal friction material. The extensive knowledge of our production specialists has made it possible to offer the market products which are necessary for the diverse vehicle and industrial applications. All important vehicle manufacturers as well as customers in the industrial sector rely on serial products made by Schaeffler Friction Products.

The development of ready for production facing materials is a complex matter for which effective tools are needed. To comply with the increasing requirements, Schaeffler Friction Products GmbH is using a straight forward, three-step-process. Starting with the vehicle or the industrial application, the relevant parameters are isolated and projected to the clutch system. To optimize time consumption during the development process these parameters are further reduced to a model, which represents the relevant set of parameters. The aim of this strategy is to characterize the frictional system without the influence of non-relevant system behavior.

An additional benefit is the increasing number and, therefore, information, of test results due to the reduction of test time needed.

The development of friction material on its own is not enough to have a sustaining success in the market. Effective material development must be completed by suitable process technology. To secure the future business success new technologies have to be developed.

Exactly this is the point where the solvent-free production process meets ours and the customer's expectations. This process will ensure our future position as number one among the friction material producers.