Test Rig Department

The test rig department develops and validates clutch facings. But it also carries out quality assurance tasks and reproduces customer requirements.

All test rigs are in-house-developments. The equipments, which are required for the control and data acquisition as well as for the evaluation, have also been developed and implemented by Schaeffler Friction Products.

First tests on the partial test rigs quickly and early show the potentials of a quality. All clutch facings (outer dimensions from 200 mm to 430 mm) including the clutch aggregates are tested on the full-scale test rigs.

Besides the standardized test programs according to BPS 97, our customers more and more expect the development and programming of special test sequences to reproduce specific driving and loading groups. Only reproducible rig tests give detailed perceptions about the clutch facing and the clutch aggregate.

This does not only apply for the normal manual clutch but also for automated systems used in the pass car and commercial vehicle sector which partly generate completely new demands. But this knowledge is also elementary for customer specific projects in the industrial sector.

The reqests on the clutch facing, e. g. continuous slipping, higher demands with regard to comfort or short slipping periods for hybrid applications, have been increased. To meet them, we modify or develop new test procedures. And, if required, we develop and build new test rigs, especially for these customer specifications.

Besides the automotive sector, the test department also covers the industrial area. Here, small scale and aggregate test rigs are used, which have also been modified or especially developed and built.

For more detailed information regarding our test procedures or further information please do not hesitate to contact us.